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  My goal is to challenge perceptions of reality.

  My goal is to connect with you beyond plain reason. 

  My goal is to create energy for the soul.


Each person has a unique way of seeing and interpreting the world. I explore these perceptions in the context of the environment, community and family.


I study myself in relationship to others. I am a part of society and I seek an answer to the question “What is my role in this society?” and how does this role influence me as an individual.


I seek the difference between seeing and perceiving everyday life, how do I interpret my surroundings. My art helps me learn more about myself because it brings out a hidden world that I become aware of through my paintings. Art is a process.


I explore how society restricts us as individuals, and at the same time these limitations empower us to create. There are boundaries in everyday life, but there are zero boundaries in art. Art is infinite.


Each of us connects with our surroundings in different ways. I explore these connections on an emotional and subconscious level. My work is abstract, but the start point is always reality and observation.  


I am interested in the interaction of complementary colors and textures, specifically red and green, and how they can be used to describe my subjects. I also enjoy exploring non-conventional tools to apply and mix paint with. I am always in the search for different textures.

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