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Beijing China, Day 5 - Tiananmen Square & Parkview

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Finally I have a buddy to take me around! Her name is Huili :)

The day started with lots of rain and cold. I didn’t bring my rain shoes but had a rain coat and an umbrella. Which is how I found these ones!

I saw some people on the street wearing them, and found them in the fist store I walked in. They go over your regular shoes.

Nevertheless, I was soaked by the time we were walking on Tiananmen Square. Somehow, I flip my heels while I walk and throw water on the back of my legs, more on the right one than on the left. :)

My right foot was soaked. My behind was wet too as my back pack dripped on it instead of protecting it. Oh well....

My new friend took me to a popular and busy Chinese restaurant right in the center of town.

I told her I liked everything, but I didn’t think I would be served fish soup. However, the lotus plant and black rice were amazing. I almost forgot I was soaking wet. With the right foot mostly.

Huili's friend joined us for lunch and we had a fun conversation with google translator.

Next, they took me to a popular 3 story book store, where I asked for a Beijing map but they didn’t have one. They did have a coffee shop with all kind of treats though.

The book store and the view

We took a taxi to Parkview. A giant shopping/ art center. I would say the whole building was a piece of art. Imagine a city inside a building. I think Chinese just like to show off. And they are very much into art. Fine art by famous artists is everywhere.

Parkview had a few Dali sculptures. Lili (Huili's Chinese nickname) explained that since 'non artist' people don't go to art galleries, the artists bring the art to them .... into shopping centers. Isn’t that a really great idea?!

We walked around the whole “city”, and there was also a museum on the top. After the museum we enjoyed a cup of coffee. Even every small gallery has a coffee shop!

I rode the train on the way back with Lili, and before we said good buy Lili asked if I needed help. I confidently replied no, as I knew that bus 505 will take me home. Mistake. Walking into the fruit marked, I didn't know what half of the fruits are. I bought some recognizable fruit and took a picture of the rest to ask my roommate later. No luck with finding bread again. Didn’t think I will miss bread that much. At home we bake fresh bread every other day and it disappears so quick.

Dinner was mangos and avocados at home with a slice of very yucky, squishy bread.

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