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Beijing China, Day 3 - Summer Palace

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

And finally connected to the world by VPN! I didn’t realize how much I’d miss Google :( But that’s a reality.

The morning I had a meeting with the museum team, they stopped by my studio to see what else I need. Anytime I think about ordering things online I am steered away. I know the other artists before me shopped for supplies online so not sure why.. Each trip to an art store takes basically all day.

I started painting and am proud to cover all 5 canvases…just with the background. I need some quiet moments working in the studio instead of running around.

I took a taxi to the Summer Palace. What a beautiful ride, lots of green, large buildings with large long driveways and huge yards. Everything in China is big, in size and distance. Or, I should say Beijing..

The palace was crowded and the audio guide wasn’t helpful. There was a lot of climbing up and going down. Finally towards the end, of course, I was able to figure out the map and felt more confident.

Strangely, Chinese don’t have the same sense of safety. Part of the landmark was walking along the edge of a 10

-feet-tall wall with no protective fence around it. The walk lasts about a mile and if there is someone ahead of you you need to stop and let them pass or else you may fall 8 feet down in shallow water. It was close to closing time, therefore hardly any people passing. I can’t imagine how people dare to walk during busy times.

I took two buses on the way back and that gave me the opportunity to observe everyday life and the buildings along the way. Very poor neighborhoods with the water pipes raised like electrical wires going around in a maze. Rich giant government buildings right next to them. It’s like, the government wants to show off. The bus passed some universities and schools, all looking well maintained and cool modern architecture. Is seems like the education here is top notch as well as all the facilities. I am jealous of the schools those kids get to go, thinking of my run down school in Bulgaria and the universities in the States. Nothing compares to those in Beijing.

I see a few moms with their toddlers up on the scooters. How do they feel safe? In streets with no rules other than the red light. And still everyone seem to find their way around…

I get off at my stop and decide to go to a hot pot nearby for dinner. My roommate is headed out to an artist talk somewhere in town. I walk in the restaurant and after staring at the English menu I call my Chinese helper Vanessa and ask her to order veggies and beef for me. After speaking with the waitress on the phone she tells me that this is a seafood restaurant and there is no beef. I get up and walk out defeated, after I spent 20 minutes sweating and staring at the menu.. and did I mention they always serve your water hot instead of iced?

I am lucky and the next place I walk in has English in the menu and pictures. I get a huge green salad and pork on a stick with coconut juice to drink. After tasting it on my flight over, I can’t get enough of this coconut juice. I have no idea what’s in it, maybe there is some coconut.

I saw a few moms today with their toddlers up on the scooters. How do they feel safe? In a place where there are no rules on the road, except for the red light. And still everyone seem to find their way around…

The Palace

Which way?

The Wall I walked along

My Dinner:)

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