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Beijing China, Day 22 - Beihai

First night by myself in this huge apartment was rough. Every little noise woke me up and I kept opening my eyes and looking around. The morning came and I felt kind of rested. I must have fallen asleep when the sun got up.

I had to paint a painting for work in the morning, but headed out right after.

I went to Beihai Park, which is in the center of Beijing. It is known for a few Temples from different times in history and a beautiful lake in the middle. Lots of boats 🚣🚣‍♂️🚤 that take you across, as it is too far to walk around.

I saw one of the most beautiful construction, Jingxin Studio where the Royalties went to search for inspiration and write poems. It had 4 small lakes and 4 wings, lots of corridors, rocks and bridges.

I took a boat to a small island in the lake, there was another Temple and paths to walk around the island. Lots of public toilets, and souvenir shops as always!

More pictures from the park:

I dared to try a Classical Chinese hot dog on a stick but gave up after the fifth bite. It was too sweet. I exited the park and went to the bus stop to get a bus 🚌 to upper town.

I waited and waited and decided to get a Didi as the bus wasn’t showing up.

The moment I called a Didi, the bus came and I saw another one right behind it.

I cancelled the ride and tried to get on the second bus but missed it by a second!

I decided to order a Didi again. The Didi came in 15 minutes after 6 busses went by.

I met with one of Becca’s friends, Max for dinner at Alba. I ran into one of her girlfriends as well! I kind of knew that everyone hangs out either here or Zarah. Max is a residency artist, just like Becca and I, but based in Shanghai. Before that he had a 2 years residency in Indonesia 🇮🇩 all paid for! He gave me a catalog with his work, quite fancy...

We got a weird meal composed of potatoes, rice, one piece of sausage, all that covered with cheese. Not sure which country this came from.. All cafes here have international cuisine, therefore all the foreigners. Good thing we got sandwiches too.

We left early and made plans to go to the wall the next day. I would likely not follow through as I will need to be up by 6 AM, take a bus to another bus, then a 2 hour ride to a remote part of the wall.

On the way back I walked down the most touristy Hutong with lost of shops of very tempting food to try.

I took the train 🚊 and then the bus. 🚎

I went out the wrong exit out of the subway station. Twice. I gave up and crossed the street instead - a long walk.

I have 2 more exits left to try.

I didn’t expect the bus to be so full. I showered really well when I got home.

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