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Beijing China, Day 16 - Doctor's Visit and in town with Becca

Today made up for my past few gloomy days! I got up early, got dressed and headed out with my first Didi! (Uber/taxi)

I went on the street and followed the English directions for ordering a ride. Was really easy! The driver was a minute away and spotted me when I started waving. 👋 It was about 40 minute ride and we went by the summer palace for a few miles which was majestic greens.

Luckily, there was no traffic as we weren’t headed towards town. I did see lots of familiar places from my earlier travels, a museum, a park and university. It was awesome to know where I was.

Once I got to the hospital it was easy to find my way around. At the reception desk I was greeted in English, which is the main language since it is an International hospital. I filled out some forms, it was funny when we got to the address line as I had to look it up on the map.

The staff was very professional, facilities modern and did not smell like hospital. I got a really nice doctor, Chinese woman who had her education in Colorado. Her husband, she said was visiting Boston for a conference! She was very personal and after reading all my notes and running some lab work said I am perfectly healthy and it is all about the jet lag! It takes a couple of weeks to adjust, she said. She also advised me not to cook at home as I can’t cook and to eat rice not bread due to the high gluten content of flour here. I ordered a sandwich for dinner later tonight.

On the way out she gave me her business card and told me I can call her directly if anything. Felt so good that I already have a doctor!

I took a Didi on the way back, how awesome. I am turning into a pro. Second ride didn’t go as planned at the end. The driver asked me lots of questions with his translator app and finally he asked for my WeChat. (The Chinese social app here) I didn’t understand as I thought he wanted to show me something Didi related but he quickly scanned my QR code (Chinese love QRs!) and I was added!

I got home and got nervous. He left me a voice message in a couple of hours too! I didn’t understand it and waited for Rebecca to listened to it.

I was tired after the eventful morning and went for a nap. Felt rested and ready to paint went I woke up. But first I made a really strong coffee, which I skipped the past few days. Felt amazing.

After a few hours of painting I headed out to meet Rebecca and some of her friends at Zarah for happy hour.

They put so much ice in your drink here! My sandwich was ok, but the place next door Alba was better. Becca listened to the voice message I got from the weirdo and said he was just saying hello. She deleted him and said he should no longer be able to contact me..... phew!

Girls nationalities starting from the one behind me: UK, US Colorado, US New Jersey, Australia, Australia Australia, the Irish one is in the bathroom

Dinner was fun, conversation was about everything under the sun ☀️ most of them have been living in Beijing for over one year, but all are still learning Chinese.

We left around 9:30 and went to the bar to pay on the way out. This is how it works here, you always pay at the bar before you leave. No tips.

Zarah's directions on how to pee:

And some more helpful tips by Zarah:

I was ready for another Didi but good thing Becca suggested to take a walk down Gulou street to the train. The street is the most popular one in the Hutongs area, something like the main street in a historic town. Lots of stores, food, people. We took the train and then the bus home.

Earlier that day:

don't you love them?!

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