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Beijing China, Day 14 - Feeling Better

I got a late start of the day due to my yesterday’s ‘adventures’. I grabbed a banana and headed out for coffee. I sat on the square with my coffee and enjoyed the morning breeze. It has been hot and humid the past few days. Starbucks Americano tastes horrible here, but I am getting used to it. ☕️

I felt good about not being in pain anymore. I couldn’t figure out the source, but I am glad I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday morning, to get myself checked.

Maybe because the first 10 days were so easy to adjust, my body finally said, hey slow down and what is all that food you are feeding me.?? Strangely enough, each time I cook and eat at home, my stomach does not approve. And I also did the math, it costs less to eat out! Maybe I am being too extravagant on what I cook…

I stayed home and painted all day, while Becca kept me company embroidering a QR code for her Wednesday workshop. I am not sure how many people are coming, but I need to clean off the work benches, which are all covered with my paint supplies. The museum gave us four bottles of red wine 🍷 and a small food budget for our open house, which was really nice of them. We bought some dried flowers and getting some cheese and craters from an international store in town.

I also got the Chinese Uber app called Didi, and should be able to now call a ride on my own, including a regular taxi, it has all in one. I am testing it on my first occasion to go out.

We headed to an early dinner, to a place nearby that I had tried already. I was proud it was my second time around and I showed Becca some tips. However, she ordered for me :)

We had a good meal and I appreciated the fact that the restaurant was crowded on a Monday night. Must be a popular place. I saw they made their own noodles in the kitchen. I ordered a soup and we sat on a table. Soon after, the cashier showed up with a fork and handed it to me. Hmm ok I am clearly not from around here, but we still don’t eat soup with a fork. 😃 🍴 🍜

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