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Beijing China, Day 13 - Sick 🤢

Today was a day of grocery shopping, laundry and cooking. 🥘🍳

After I finished my chores, I painted till about 11 at night. Time went by fast. Rebecca was at home too, getting ready for the workshop, she is hosting on Wednesday. She left out on a date for the night. I went to bed, thinking about how productive my day was.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a stomach pain around 2 am. Not knowing the reason, made me nervous. Even more nervous, thinking how I cannot get to a doctor if needed, because I cannot call a taxi! I got up and called a hospital, Becca told me about and asked for directions to the ER. They spoke English.

After getting the directions, I tried to get ahold of my museum friends to let them know about the situation, but of course they were all asleep at 3 am. Becca was still not home. I called my doctor back in Boston and described my symptoms. Luckily, she said wait 24 hours before you see a doctor or not if pain gets worse or I develop a fever.

I went back to bed, took some Tylenol and tried to rest. My stomach hurt the entire night, but didn’t get worse, thank God. Becca came home later and I was happy I had someone. We both slept well into the next day, and were up for an afternoon breakfast.

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